What are NBR hair extensions?

Who here hasn’t heard of hand tied hair extensions? If you haven’t heard of hand tied hair extensions, specifically Natural Beaded Rows, it is the most innovative extension method on the market today. You can now wear extensions without having to worry if your extensions are showing. With limited points of contact and no adhesive required for installing the hair you can find your natural hair will start to grow while having these extensions in. It is all the rave, and trend but truthfully that is NOT why I offer this method and focus my EVERYDAY around it.

I love the NBR extension method because it is the FEELING that you get when you leave the salon. You feel confident, happy, and empowered. THAT is why I LOVE what I do.

There are SO many methods out there and if you are researching and shopping around before investing here is a list of a few hand-tied methods that you may be seeing..

-Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions

-Habit Hand Tied

-SKW Extensions

-Invisible Beaded Rows


These are a FEW that are out there but the KEY difference is the hair AND the education behind each method with each artist.

NBR is MASSIVELY different from any other method. Why? Artists’ cannot pay $500 for a class, get certified in one day and move on. Natural Beaded Rows was created by Danielle K. White and she takes PRIDE in their artists’ and sets THEM up for success but also sets YOU as the client up for success as well.

It is no secret that extensions are expensive but I am a FIRM believer that what you pay for is what you get.

I invest in ongoing education to continue my growth as an artist for not only myself but for YOU. What does my ongoing education affect you? Because you are investing into ME and trusting ME to create YOUR dream hair. Without this ongoing education program I can say I would be 100% lost in the appointment and never feeling like I could give you my professional recommendations with confidence. And that’s not fair to you as a paying client.

Here is why I LOVE being inside this education program.

Inside DKW Academy (NBR ongoing education) there are TWO educational sections:

1. In Front of the chair work (business)

2. Behind the hair work (NBR method)

I cannot be the BEST artist for you if I make no time for myself in front of the chair. This portion helps me in SO many ways but also it ultimately helps YOU because I create systems that better your experience here at 260 Studio.

Behind the chair… man oh man. This does not come with graduating beauty school and all the sudden you are an amazing hair stylist. You learn the basics, practice(clients or mannequins), make mistakes, learn, and hope you get better. NO. I am trying to AVOID making those mistakes, learning from other artists’ mistakes and implementing them inside my salon. Natural Beaded Rows CANNOT be learnt overnight and truthfully it takes TIME. There are SO MANY STEPS that are important and you cannot skimp out on any of them.

Remember that when you are about to make an investment in your hair, even if you are getting a discount; it is discounted for a reason. As a client, you should do your research before investing into an artist. Ask the artist these questions before giving them your deposit to ensure you are getting what you are paying for.


  1. What METHOD are you using? (if they say hand-tied method only, that is NOT a method that is the TYPE of extension hair.)

  2. Where do you get the hair? (ISLA hairline is EXCLUSIVE to members inside DKW Academy, if they are not inside the academy I would ask to see the PACKAGED hair for “feeling” purposes but also to see the brand ISLA on the package)

  3. How often do I need to be coming back? (6-8 weeks for NBR is recommended, anything longer could cause damage)

These questions are going to help YOU understand what you are purchasing, who you are investing in and why. Remember that every method is unique in their own way, every artist is different, and not every artist or method is a good fit for you! That is why we have consultations!

For NBR consultations visit https://www.260studio.com and fill out a short questionnaire to better understand your hair history, hair goals, and customized pricing!

See you soon, Mads

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