What is NBR? ✨

Have You Ever Wanted Hair Extensions?

Have you ever been scrolling on Instagram or Pinterest and you see a girl with long, beautiful luscious hair and you are instantly envious of it? Or have you ever seen a really cool hair tutorial post and you tried to replicate it but you can never seem to get the same results? Well, more likely than not the girl in that post is probably wearing some type of hair extensions.


I’m guessing at some point in your life you thought about the idea of getting hair extensions, but never really knew what kind of methods were out there and really how to get started. I am here to tell you about the best extension method out there, NBR!!

So, what is NBR?

NBR stands for Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions. This method was created by Danielle K. White out in Laguna Beach, California. She also created a hair line called Isla Hair. This method and hair line is only available to stylist’s who are NBR certified. She also created an NBR Academy to continue education for NBR artist's. Being a part of this academy gives me access to exclusive hair, continued education on new hair techniques and I get mentorship directly from the people that started this program.

The NBR Process

How do you go about getting NBR extensions? First you need to fill out an NBR application. After you fill out an NBR application, I will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to discuss your application. Once we go over what your hair goals are then we can get an appointment scheduled. On the day of your appointment, you will get a complimentary coffee on me and the first thing we will discuss is; hair color. I will custom color your hair to the customized hair color of your extensions. The coloring process will take about 2 hours and then we will rinse, blow dry and start on the NBR installation process!

I will start by sectioning off your hair and start on the bead work. Depending on your end hair goals, I will bead either one, two or three rows. Each row will have a beaded track. The beaded track is the anchor for extension wefts. Wefts are individual hair rows that I will add to the track to give you more fullness. I can put 6 wefts on one track, so depending on your hair goals that we discuss I will add hair accordingly. After I place the wefts on the track, I will start stitching them onto the track. Typically the first row will be right above the ear and the second row will be placed a little above that.

After I have sewn all the hair in, I will then cut the hair. It may seem a little scary after I sew all the hair in because well it’s a lot of hair, but I will make sure that your hair looks flawless by giving you a seamless cut and style!


Everything at 260 Studio is packaged pricing. When you fill out the application that’s when we will discuss pricing based on your hair needs. Typically this is what is included in the packaged pricing: the color of the extensions and your hair, the installation, the cut and style, coffee in the morning and lunch in the afternoon. Also, you will get a 260 Studio care package which includes: a wetbrush, scrunchie, J Beverly Hydrate shampoo and conditioner and an oil. All of these are the necessities you will need to have success with your extensions.

This process is simple, but it can be long. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to me at any time! I eat, sleep and breathe NBR extensions.! Check out my website 260studio.com to fill out an application, browse all my services and read my blog! Also, check out transformation pictures on my Instagram page @260studio!

See you soon! ♡

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