Who doesn't love a little change ✨

We all have those moments in our lives where things are about to change. It could be a going to a new school, starting a new "big girl" job, or even moving in with someone. The fear of change can be unsettling, it's something we don't know the outcome of or can even control sometimes. BUT we can control the process along the way.


We should welcome change. Embrace the change. Especially the year after 2020 😅 Without change we would never grow. Ever. So we need to change, we need to adapt, we need to evolve. If you're not progressing you're regressing. And some of us our just stagnant right now and that's okay. I listen to some mentors of mine and they say that stagnant is still regressing and I believe that you aren't regressing if you are still pushing forward and taking the steps to change.

For example:

The month of February was stagnant for me. I want to have an immense amount of clients. The idea of a perfect book schedule is having back to back clients and I wasn't seeing that. I thought that I wasn't progressing how I should be, nor was I reaching my "perfect book" schedule. But what was crazy was I was not embracing all the things I was doing when I didn't have clients, was actually setting me up for success for when I am booked like I am now.

"I had goals and I was feeling so close and then BAM my stagnant year took a huge leap and I wasn't even sure what to do with it!"

I don't take days off. I don't like too. I find it boring. I just wasn't programmed that way. AND THAT'S OKAY. But my family was built differently. They work for days off, and that's great we need all kinds of people in this world to make the world go round! What I really wanted to talk about though is that stagnant phase, because I was just in it. The past year felt like I was on this steady pace and couldn't get out of it. I had goals and I was feeling so close and then BAM my stagnant year took a huge leap and I wasn't even sure what to do with it! I called my parents, told me bf, I just had so many people reach out to me and it was all thanks to the work I put in on my days off.

The fear of change will never go away. As our lives progress things are going to change and we need to embrace it. That's why we have our support systems. The people we turn to when we need help. Those people are there to help you through change too. I want you all to know that I am here for YOU! I am your supporter, your friend, your confidant. We are in this together. We can't grow unless we change and we can't change unless we grow 🌻

This topic is near and dear to my heart and if you are someone who is reading this and you want to talk about your life and change, let me be the ear to listen! If you would like a simple cut and color visit my website www.260studio.com and fill out the new client questionnaire or if you are looking to up your hair game and would like Natural Beaded Row Extensions, fill out the NBR application. I hope to see you in my chair soon!

-Mads 🖤

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