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Where are all my hair artist’s at?! Have you ever struggled with trying to decide whether or not to booth rent or just be straight commission? I have done BOTH and I am here to tell you about the pros and cons of both, and ultimately what I decided would be best for me. Everyone is going to have a different life situation, so hopefully this will help to make your decision easier if you are trying to get started in the hair industry or maybe you’d like to switch up how you’ve been making your money as a hair artist.

Let’s start at the beginning…


When I was fresh out of beauty school, I worked for a salon in my hometown called Salon VeraJoley and I rented a booth from them right away. Even though I didn’t have clients yet, this wasn’t the income I relied on solely when I graduated beauty school. I just liked the idea of booth renting. Soon I realized that it was a little too much for me so I decided to switch to COMMISSION based. I did that for a short while and decided again to change BACK to BOOTH RENTAL and this is why.

I love the experience of booth renting. I can create my own schedule, I don’t report to anyone, I could bring in products if I wanted to, I paid my own taxes, I was my own brand and could call off work whenever I wanted. I was my own boss, just pay your rent on time and you’re good to go! However, I had to make money to be able to pay that rent. Since I was in my own small town, it was easy to make money from all my friends and family, but when I moved to Indianapolis, that’s when things changed.

"Something that I knew I was guaranteed and was safe and secure for me to bring money in."


Since I was living in a big city knowing hardly anyone, I knew I needed to be sure I had money coming in so I decided to become a COMMISSION stylist. In my search for a new salon I was looking solely for a commission salon. The salon I found was hourly and commission. I was also looking to have a set schedule. Kind of like a 9-5. Something that I knew I was guaranteed and was safe and secure for me to bring money in. I also wanted a team atmosphere and I didn’t want to have to provide everything for myself, I wanted the salon to have everything for me. And I was happy with that, for the time being.


When I moved out to Colorado I was an assistant for an NBR stylist. It was the opposite of how I like working though. I don’t mind helping people out but that’s not my role in life. But it was a good start for me. I had bigger dreams, goals and plans for myself, but we all have to start somewhere. I didn’t want to jump the gun with coming out to Denver and start working as a booth renter. I was very interested in NBR, Natural Beaded Row, which is an extension method. I wanted to see if it was for me.


I was certified a month after moving out to Colorado. Assisting helped me realize what I DON’T want. I never want to be treated like someone’s b*tch. I am human and want to be treated as such. When looking for an assistant position, be sure it’s the right fit for you and stand up for yourself. You are there to do a job, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose who you are.

"If you are looking to become a booth renter I have a chair available."

Here at 260 Studio I am a BOOTH OR CHAIR RENTAL salon. Why I chose that was because I didn’t want to dictate your freedom or you. If you are looking to become a booth renter I have a chair available. I am looking for someone who wants to create their own schedule, but also is determined to grow and learn more in the industry. Hustle and grind is my middle name, so if that sounds like you I think you would be a perfect fit here at 260 Studio. If you would like to rent from me we will discuss everything before you get started. It is a small space, but you are still your own artist and can create whatever masterpiece in this space. The possibilities are endless. I don’t advertise for you, but you are a part of my team. I do hold the J Beverly hair line, Olaplex and wet brushes. I will also provide the backbar, capes, and towels. If this sounds like it would be a perfect fit for you visit my website and fill out the form and I will take you to lunch and we can talk about you and what you are looking for! I can't wait to meet you!!

- Mads 🖤

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