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260 Studio

Specializing in lived-in hair color and hand-tied hair extensions in Denver, CO

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What is Hand-tied Extensions? 

Madison, owner of 260 Studio, specializes currently in 2 methods; Natural Beaded Rows and Luna Method. Both of these methods are amazing and will be customized to what YOUR hair needs and what is comfortable for YOU.  

To make it simple both methods utilize beads, string and hand-tied hair to create natural and seamless looks to keep all your friends guessing how your hair got so long! 

Luna Method is a hidden bead method where you do not see any beads on your head. The installation is vastly different than Natural Beaded Rows. 

Natural Beaded Rows is an extension method where the beads are shown when you wear your hair up and on the ends of the rows; however; can be great for people that don't get bothered by the beads being shown. 

Hand-tied extensions is the HAIR I use for every installation. The hairlines 260 Studio is currently using are Isla hair and Mourning Hair. There has been a huge shift in the extension world and will inform guests at consultations if I have changed hair lines and why. 

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