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260 Studio is certified in Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions and uses EXCLUSIVE ISLA hair offered only to ‘Mastermind’ Students in an on-going education program by Danielle K. White called Big Money Stylist.

Natural beaded rows is the most innovative & lightweight hair extension application method that creates maximum length and fullness.

This method uses an exclusive string and bead technique with minimal points of contact to the your hair. After beading, Wefts of hair are placed in rows and sewn together to create a comfortable, natural and beautiful look. 

The NBR Experience includes custom coloring to your hair and the extension hair, perfect placement and haircut to achieve a seamless blend. These extensions are versatile to style, including ponytails and hides better than any other technique on the market today. There is no sticky glue or tape, less risk for damage, and there is an easy removal process that takes less than 10 minutes!