Why is hair oil a MUST in your morning routine and nighttime routines?

I live in a very dry, dry state so this is a NON negotiable for me.

Let’s just dive right into my morning routine with my hair extensions.

  1. Wake up

  2. Morning potty time, brush teeth, grab hair brush and start brushing from BOTTOM to TOP.

  3. I put 2-3 drops of my REVIVE hair oil by J Beverly starting from BOTTOM to TOP.

  4. Brush one more time.

Typically, routine stops there.

Throughout the day, because I work inside a salon I have access to brushes and oils, and I usually add 1-2 drops and brush my hair throughout the day. (Not everyone can do this)

Alright, the day is over. Here is my nighttime routine.

  1. Bust through the door and go after some chips & hummus.

  2. Once my belly is half full I boogie to the bathroom.

  3. Depending on the style that day, take my hair down, grab my handy dandy wetbrush and brush my hair BOTTOM to TOP.

  4. I throw my hair out of the way and wash my face.

  5. Finally, I had 2-3 drops of oil and brush my hair BOTTOM to TOP one last time.

Depending on what the day looked like my night either ends there or I have other things to do.

I have had SO many clients these past couple weeks with DRY DRY hair. Immediately, they thought their hair was chemically damaged but NO. It is damaged but not chemically. You have neglected your hair of moisture resulting in a frazzled hair finish.

Guys, if you do not use hair oil you NEED to. This will help your hair look healthy and shiny between appointments. Some hair oils can also act as a heat protectant. It is imperative that you use salon grade products outside of your hair appointments.

So, if you are reading this and currently are thinking “Oh shiz, I don’t have any hair products” or “holy cow, I have not been using my hair oil enough or correctly”

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