Wash Day Tutorial! ✨

Isn’t the best part of going to the salon to get your hair done when they wash your hair and give you that amazing head massage?! I know it’s my favorite! Well, when next week rolls around and you have to wash your hair again, you may not be getting an amazing head massage, but you can use the amazing products that your hair stylist used to keep your hair moisturized and nourished until your next hair appointment! I am going to show you what steps and products I use to keep my hair feeling soft to the touch all year round!

The products I am going to use today are from the J Beverly Blue Line

1. Clarifying Shampoo

2.Everyday Shampoo

3.Hair & Scalp Intensive Treatment Masque

Before I get started washing my hair, I like to take my wetbrush and comb out all the rats and matted knots I have in my hair to make for an easier wash. After that is all done it’s time to get the hair wet!

First, take 3 pumps of the Clarifying shampoo and massage it into your scalp. This shampoo works to remove any build up that has occurred from the last time you washed your hair. Build up can be from products that you have used on your hair throughout the week, or maybe you aren’t cleansing your hair enough, or maybe you have different minerals that have built up in your hair over time. Make sure to really cleanse your scalp with this shampoo.

*Tip* If you are a swimmer, this product is perfect for getting chlorine out of your hair while keeping the integrity of your hair without damaging it.

Next step is simple: wash out the clarifying shampoo!

Now, take your Everyday shampoo and again use about 2-3 pumps. Start by focusing on the ends of the hair with this shampoo. It will start to suds up and that’s how you know this shampoo is really cleansing the hair. If you have extensions don’t forget to wash in between your rows!

Simple step again: rinse the everyday shampoo out!

Typically, I would use a nourishing masque from J Beverly but I am going to try out this new hair masque that I got from the J Beverly Blue Line.

Take a small handful of the Hair & Scalp Intensive Treatment Masque and apply to the scalp and work it through the hair. Take your wetbrush and brush out the rest of the mask through the hair.

Let it sit for 3-5 minutes.

I liked how the masque felt on my hair so I let it sit for another 10-15 minutes.

Easy step again: wash out masque!

Here is a quick recap of what steps and products to use on your wash day!

  1. Use clarifying shampoo, then rinse out

  2. Use everyday shampoo, then rinse out

  3. Use hair & scalp intensive treatment masque, leave on 3-5 minutes; rinse out

Tune in next week to watch a tutorial on how to blowdry your hair and what products and tools I use to leave my hair feeling healthy and beautiful after a wash and blowdry day!

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See you soon! <3

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