Self Made Part 3

This brings me to the year of 2020.

If you've been with me this entire time then you know that 2020 was MY year.

I got the opportunity to move suites and expand my salon in January and I took it.

But this time this journey was different. I had a plan.

I had clients.

I had money,

I had time.

I had energy.

I was ready to take this on.

I presented my business plan to an amazing loan officer and got a business loan to start this dream again but with a FRESH mind set.

I started the construction, design and the move in March…. but then CORONA.

This, for me, was not a major set back. I was so lucky to have gotten my business loan when I did, I was able to get my salon in order 100% before taking my first client in the new salon, I was eligible for an SBA loan and the EIDL loan, and I had a full time job that was deemed essential.

I’ve been saying this since the beginning, my year of 2019 is everyone else’s 2020.

My goal was to be a full time stylist in April but unfortunately that did set me back. It didn’t stop me though, I started to accept all clients and my books started to fill.

In October of 2020, I finally said goodbye to having two jobs. I said goodbye to having a secure income. I said goodbye to what saved me in 2019 and started looking at those two beautiful, gigantic french doors again. I opened those doors up and I am happy to share with you that my salon is doing so good. I have thee best clientele. I have the best support system I could ever ask for.

I am truly living my best life.

This came with HARD F****** work and NEVER giving up on myself.

If you have been chasing that dream life and feel stuck. My advice to you; DO NOT give up. You are right on the cusp of it all.

If you are someone who is afraid to take that leap because it isn’t “the proper way” or “the conventional way” I say f*** it. Worst case scenario? You end up right back where you started.

If you are someone who has done all the hard work, taking that leap, and IS successful. HELL YES!!! I am so proud of all the work you poured into it and continue to pour into.

Everyone’s journey will be different. That doesn’t mean one was better or worse than others.

If you took or are taking that leap send me your success story OR your struggles you may be encountering. I am on YOUR team. Chasing after your happiness isn’t easy and not every one can say they are doing that but when you push through the other side is pretty f****** great.

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