Need a change in your hair or stylist?

Real talk. As clients we dread the day our stylist says "I'm moving" or "I'm Pregnant" because then that means we need to find a new stylist. Finding a new stylist is like dating except typically the stylist never grabs the check. Its tough and not every stylist or salon is for you!

Madison wants the process of finding an artist and salon for you to be easy! This is the easy part ~ getting to know Madison.

She loves people who chase after their true happiness and passions in life. Without her chasing after her dreams, 260 Studio would have never been born. Born and raised in Decatur, IN, Madison left her small town life in 2018 and never looked back. The drive and hustle after her career was infectious to all her clients and anyone surrounding her in her life. This is one of the many reasons people come and sit in her chair.

Another reason why people love to come and see Madison work her craft is the PASSION she has when you sit in her chair. She LOVES to educate all her clients and wants all clients to be so transparent with what they don’t love or love about their hair. Of course she always wants you to love your hair when you leave BUT on the off chance that you don’t she will happily fix anything that makes you unhappy!

Madison is huge on customer service and here at 260 studio you get nothing but the best, always. From the moment you walk in, you will be greeted with smiles and a hug (only if you are comfortable), offering you a beverage of your choice, lattes, tea, water, or wine all before the mini conversation we have on your hair goals.

Communication is KEY in all relationships but crucial when it comes to your hair inspiration. When you come into 260 Studio for the first time the only thing you need to worry about is the inspiration photo of your dream hair and Madison will handle the rest! 

For more information on Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions visit and to book your color appointment today! Remember, anyone send to me by you will get 10% off all color services! 

We’ll see you soon!


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