Natural Beaded Rows = Confidence

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Let’s talk about NBR hair extensions that can give YOU the confidence that you might have been lacking.

NBR is not just a method of extension. These extensions can give you that extra pep in your step that you are looking for.

We like to say “NBR is not just a function, it is a feeling” because truthfully it is.

I had a client last week message me saying she wanted to take a break from her extensions. This is normal, I have taken a MAX of two weeks without because sometimes we just need a break.

But, every time a client decides to take a break it never is what they TRULY want.

What they say to me is “it’s just temporary, they will be back in.” and they speak the truth. Why? Because the power of these extensions give women that empowered feeling.

As women, we are going mock 90 constantly. Men just don’t understand why it can take up to 2 hours to get ready. Some Days it just works..the outfit, the make-up, the hair, and the time it just works out beautifully.


It looks like a bomb went off in our closest, we have re-lined our eyes 6 times, our hair is laying too flat and no amount of powder could help this mess. Nothing is coming together so we end up saying

“good enough.”

If I tell you that I have a solution for ONE of those problems would you take it?

I personally have been wearing NBR hair extensions for 2 years and the ONLY reason I can get ready in 10 minutes or less is because my hair is ALWAYS on point.

Ponytails? Full and perfect.

Braids? Full and perfect.

Half up half down? Full and perfect.

This method is so versatile and THAT is why I love NBR hair extensions.

Truthfully, I wash my hair maybe once every 8-9 days and I wear my hair down 60% of the time. When I curl my hair ONCE I am set up for success the rest of the week.

Yes, I do other things to my hair but typically I wake up, brush my hair, add some hair oil, and walk out the door.

That is the CONFIDENCE I am talking about in the beginning. When you can wake up and know you do not have to waste anything but 2 minutes on your hair.

Are you wanting to eliminate time in the bathroom and gain more confidence in your hair?

Visit and click “start your journey here”

Let’s give you some more confidence in 2021.

Talk soon.


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