How's this for hair goals?

You guys have spoken and Madison is ON IT!

You wanted styling tips, tricks, and easy hair styles other than curling!

Madison wanted to start S I M P L E.

This style is a double dinosaur braid into a low ponytail.

What you'll need:

  1. Three rubber bands

  2. Minimum of 2 Bobby pins

  3. Light weight hairspray

  4. Dry Shampoo

  5. Scrunchie (for an extra statement)

Click the video whenever you are ready to start your NEW and EASY on the go look!

....Now, I am not editing, these videos, why? Because I am not perfect and it takes ME sometimes two - three times to ace a hairstyle.

Don't get discouraged. If your arms get tired take a break and pause the video as many time as you need to.

Don't forget that I am your hair bestie and I am here for you!

Have fun!

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