Hair hack with a hair masque!

Hello my little hair minions!

Let’s talk about some hair hacks for DRY and FRIZZY hair!

If you struggle with lack of moisture, frizz, and overall smooth looking hair Jbeverly Nourishing Masque might be a product for you!

Attached is a video of how I use the masque on wash day!

Start with a GOOD shampoo. I did a double shampoo day because I haven’t washed my hair in about 6-8 days. I used the JBeverly Clarifying shampoo to make sure my scalp was 100% clean, next I used Jbeverly Hydrate shampoo to ensure that moisture was getting added during the shampoo as well as cleaning my hair and the extensions. Finally, I towel dry my hair and use two fingers to scoop out the masque. To add extra moisture into my hair (good for people living in states with zero humidity) I added 2-3 drops of Revive hair oil to the masque. To apply the mask start mids to ends and then take a Wetbrush to distribute the masque evenly throughout the hair. I recommend letting the masque sit for 20 minutes, the package says 3-5 minutes but if you are experiencing extremely dry hair let it sit!

Then rinse and style per usual! I would recommend using Revive hair oil before you blow dry and after for maximum moisture!

This is the greatest hair hack using salon grade products. Remember when you invest in your hair color you should continue to make that investment with products ensuring the best results of your hair outside of the salon. DIY masques are a hit or miss depending on your color, integrity of hair, and ingredients being used. Those DIY’s can actually strip out your hair color and you’ll be spending more money by having to come into the salon for refresh colors sooner rather than later!

I hope you guys took away one of my favorite weekly routines (this can be a monthly routine as well) and learned a little more about how to use salon products and how much to use!

If you have any Q’s about salon products, please reach out on instagram @260studio or visit to connect. I am more than happy to give guidance and help you use the MOST of your salon products!

Happy Holidays and we’ll talk soon,


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