Let's be real. How many of you have that friend or friend group that you absolutely hate being around? It's hard leaving them because you've been "friends" for so long you don't want to change anything up and risk ruinin

g the group and/or the relationship...

Most likely you are nodding your head and thinking of that person or group right now. Want to hear the hard truth? It's your doing. You've tolerated the annoyance. You tolerated selfishness. You've tolerated the behavior. You give in over and over again because it is easier to go with the group than to stand up for you…

But I am here to tell you that when you let go of that story you gain complete control over your life. What story you may be asking? The story YOU created in YOUR head saying that you can’t leave them, you have to attend the events, you have to be there, you can’t say no.. the list goes on and on. And sure, it can be true for some people but don’t you want that freedom in your life to do whatever you want without judgement or fear that it won’t go over well with your group?

I started cleansing my circle back in high school. I had a group of girls that were my “friends” and we had a good start but then things started to shift. Think of Mean Girls when Cady Heron stopped hanging out with Janis Ian and Damian for a “better” friend group. Well, I fell into that “better group” and then quickly realized I was the outcast and was in a very very toxic friend group.

Since then, my friend group is small. So small that I can count on one hand. I found my voice to say no to people and it felt good. I gained my time back. I gained my happiness back. I ultimately gained my life back.

If you are reading this thinking that you can’t “leave” the group… I am giving you permission.

Permission to be in control of your happiness.

Permission to be in control of your life.

We don’t have to be rude and just drop them because they are in your life for some reason BUT being aware is the first step.

The first step in taking control of you and your happiness.

I started finding my friend group by being aware of what makes ME truly HAPPY.

My people came with my career. NBR Extensions and hair is my entire life and where I am MOST happy.

My advice on how to find your people?

What does your happiness look like? Start there…

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