Easy 5 Step Braided Bun Hair Style!

Hello February, it’s nice to see you again! This past year we have been bored in a house, stuck in a house bored. You may have started a new hobby, or finished that book that’s been collecting dust on the bookshelf or maybe you perfected that lasagna recipe that your mother-in-law gave you years ago. But as things start to open up and we can step out into the world. Why don’t we start with a fresh new look? I have an easy 5 step braided bun hairstyle that will give you that extra boost of confidence as you step back out into the world.

First step, and this is the easy part, haven’t washed your hair in 6 or 7 days? Perfect! That’s the kind of hair you will need to get the beautiful look you want!

Next, take a brush, preferably a wetbrush, and brush bottom to top. Apply TWO pumps of J. Beverly Platinum Revive Oil to that gorgeous hair of yours!

Then, we are going to start on one side with a dinosaur braid. Also, called a dutch or an inverted braid.

Next, just simply match the other side! Pull out any baby hairs to frame that pretty face of yours! To give your hair a looser look just pancake out your braids!

Lastly, curl your hair and Voilà you’ve got the London look :)


If you really want to spice things up we can add a fun braided bun to this style!

First, grab all the leftover hair and pull it back into a cute little scrunchie (mine is Malionne). Braid your ponytail, rubber band the end to secure it, roll it up into a cinnamon roll (yummy!) then flip it over into your scrunchie to make it a bun. Grab bobby pins, I get mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply, and secure the bun!

Next, take one of the braids to wrap it underneath the bun and add bobby pins to secure in place.

Lastly, grab the second braid and wrap that around the bun and secure with your bobby pins! Pancake out those braids to give it that loose look and go check yourself out in the mirror!

YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL :) Now go rock your day!

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