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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Last week I showed you guys how I washed my hair on wash days and what products I use to keep my hair happy and healthy! This week I am going to show you how I blow dry my hair and the products I use throughout the process!

Recommendation: I personally like to air dry my hair for a little bit after I put all my products in before I start to use actual heat on my hair. If you are pressed for time that is totally fine let’s get started with how I start this whole process!

First, take a towel and get all the excess water out of your hair.

Next, use the Everyday Spray from J Beverly and spray that all throughout your hair. You can be generous with this. This product will help detangle your hair before we start to brush it.

Grab your wetbrush and start brushing your hair from the bottom and work your way up to the top.

Next, take the towel and squeeze out any excess water on the ends of your hair.

Now grab your J Beverly Revive Oil and put 4 pumps in your hand, if you haven’t used oil in your hair before just use 2 pumps to get started.

Next, grab Crazy Straight from the J Beverly Blue Line and put about a nickel size in your palm and work your way from the bottom to the top. This product is great for keeping your flyaways straight!

After that grab your Lift Up Spray and shake up that bottle to ensure that the product is all mixed together before spraying on your hair. Add this to the sides and back of your hair at the root. If you have extensions you can spray everything about your second row. Spray about an inch from the root in a circle motion and rub it in with your fingers.

Now section off your hair. If you have extensions I like to pin up my top row and then pin up my bottom row and leave out all of my natural hair.

Time to take out your hairdryer, I use a dyson, and start drying your natural hair!

Use a vegan bristle brush to brush through your hair while you’re blow drying.

Take down your bottom row and brush through it real quick to make sure you don’t have any knots and start blow drying again!

Once that is dry, section that off by pulling it back out of the way so you don’t keep drying your already dried hair.

Pull down your top layer and pin back any bangs that you have to get those out of your way. Also, pin up the top part of just your wet natural hair.

You will dry this last to get the best volume results!

Bring your round brush back out to dry the top part of your hair to get maximum volume!!!

Voilà you now can go walk the runway!

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See you soon! 🖤

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