Beautiful Beach Wave Look!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am ready for a VACATION! Living in Colorado we do get a lot of sunshine but lately we’ve had a bit of a cold front come in with some snow sprinkled on us. Don’t get me wrong I love snow but boy-oh-boy do I love going to the beach! The smell of the salty ocean air, the crashing of the waves while you’re sleeping on a hammock, a strong, tasty, cold beverage in your hand…..HEAVEN!!! Since we can’t always be at the beach I’ve got the perfect look to help you daydream about those white sandy beaches!

Let’s start with sectioning off your extensions or regular hair. I have two rows of extensions so I like to section off the bottom row first, and pin up the rest of my hair.

Using your Bondi Boost Waver, take 1-1.5 inch sections and clamp down on the TOP of the section. Unclamp and move the barrel to where your last wave ended and clamp again!

Leave an inch of straight hair out & repeat!

Now, let’s add some shine to that hair! Grab your Dry Shine from J. Beverly and spray 2-3 times on the ends of your hair (both real & fake)

Next, grab your blow dryer (mine is a dyson supersonic) & a round brush (I use one with vegan bristles for maximum smoothness) *optional* smooth your bangs out with a round brush and blow dry. For the rest of the hair grab a round brush (mine is Olivia Garden) and round brush the extensions, again, for smoothness.

Now, section off the top of the hair, bangs and your real hair, from your second row extension hair and pin that out of the way.

If you have shorter hair in the front and on your top layer, use a flatiron (mine is Babyliss Pro 1 inch) and use a waving technique to get that beach wave look. Use this technique and flatiron only on your real hair.

Pick that Bondi Boost Waver back up and continue to use that on your extension hair from the TOP of the hair and remember when you get to the end leave about an inch of straight hair out!

If you want to add more wave and flare use your flatiron to curl your hair in different areas!

Now take down that last layer and use a mix of the waver and flatiron to get a more relaxed and beachy look!

Remember slow and steady wins the race! Don’t rush the waver curls process less time = looser waves and less hold & we want those curls to last us for at least a couple days!

To complete the look let’s add a braid! Be sure to pancake it out for a looser big hair braid look!

Let’s be sure to keep this look all day, add Dry Texture Spray (mine is from J. Beverly) this will add movement and a slight hold so you can slay all day!!!

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See you soon! <3

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