Self made... (PT 1)

I’ve taken polls, I’ve asked my clients and it is finally time to share my business journey.

Let’s talk hustle, grind, and consistency…

I love sharing my business journey with everyone.

Why? Because it was a bit unconventional and little bass ackwards.

Someone once said to me “It took me 40 years to become an overnight success”

That phrase literally kept me up all night. I started to think of all the hard work, tears, sleepless nights, and the emptiness in the bank account to get where I am today. It takes hustle, grind, and consistency to get to that “overnight” success. But hey, if it was that easy everyone would be doing it, right?

My business journey started in 2015, the moment I graduated from beauty school. I accepted a booth rental position at the “top salon” in my opinion. I started building my clientele and it was behind that reception desk where I took a glance up, looked around, and saw a glimpse of what my future looked like. I had one thought and that was ‘I was playing it safe’. I knew in my gut I wanted MORE in my life. I want MORE challenges, more opportunity, more education…

I just needed more.

So, I went searching for that “more” that I needed in my life. I wrapped up my first salon with smiles and moved my talent to Indy in 2016. I decided that booth renting was not the route I wanted to take and I wanted to experience more of a team based salon and a commission income. I found a salon that was my “dream” salon. It was super earthy, cute, and very trendy. All good things came from working here but the push to the next level came quick. I felt that feeling of ‘I needed more’ again.

That is when I found Natural Beaded Rows. When I first found Danielle, creator of NBR extensions, it was through youtube and then I followed her journey through her podcast ‘Big Money Stylist’. I remember being in awe over her salon, the videos, her hair and the aesthetic of it all. I thought to myself ‘I could never do this, it’s too expensive and a little too bougie’ and that was the end of that. I couldn’t make the investment, others told me it was a scam, and I didn’t think I would be good enough to be an extension specialist . So, I focused on what was in front me and started to build my clientele in Indy.

I kept listening to their podcast and found myself agreeing and questioning the entire hair industry. Why is it normalized that hairstylists’ work 10-12 hour days without eating or hell without taking a pee break? Why is it normalized that being a hairstylist is not a “real” job? Why is it normalized that I MUST take any and all clients to build my business? Why is it normalized that we have ten different job titles yet our pay is capped around 30k? Why is it normalized to bend over backwards and have NO boundaries with clients? I can go on and on about what the “normal” is for hairstylists and I was sick of it. I was ready to dive back down that NBR train and make a change.

I won the contest at my salon and the winning was a trip to Utah for an event called “Hair Love Retreat.” I never thought winning that contest would open up an entirely NEW way to view success and happiness through my industry.

When I was in Utah, I went on my very first hike and let me tell ya.. It was definitely hard and pushed me WAYYY outside my comfort zone. The hike was in Zion National Park and I hiked the “Chains” of Angel’s Landing. No joke, you used CHAINS to hike this beast. If you slipped, well, the advice they gave was don’t.

The FEAR that my life could end with one wrong move hit me deep. Why? Because making that ONE wrong move could result in a horrific death OR making all the other RIGHT moves would get me to where I want to go.

Don’t let the fear of one wrong move keep you from chasing after your ultimate dream.

I felt free after that trip. I felt in control of MY life and MY future. When my plane landed back in Indiana, I received a message that absolutely changed the course of my life. I had an opportunity to move to Colorado and I took it.

In 2018, I decided to start a new adventure.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a guide book to life or an option of clicking “next step to life” and it’s just figured out for you.

You have to put in the work. But not just any kind of work, work that you are passionate about and that makes your soul feel alive.

For me, I knew if I was moving out to Colorado I wanted a FRESH start and to chase after this NBR dream of mine.

And that is exactly what I did.

PT 2 coming next :)

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