First off, C O N G R U L A T I O NS!

You are starting a new chapter in your life and we are so thrilled for you!

The dating, the engagement, the parties and then... the wedding day.

These are huge moments in our lives that we never want to forget. You deserve nothing but the best HAIR along the way!!

NBR Bride is the newest way to get your DREAM wedding hair for more than one day.

Yes, you read that right. Hair extensions that give you your dream hair for 8 weeks!

Why NBR Bride? 

Natural Beaded Rows is an extension method that I have been perfecting over the years. It is the number one hair extension method on the market today. With that being said, hair extensions are a commitment and not every bride wants to invest that much on her hair for one day.



 I created NBR Bride. 

A short term solution for all your wedding events without the traditional upkeep!

What is included? 


NBR Bride Includes: 

6-8 week wear of NBR extensions

NBR Install 

Custom Color of YOUR hair (Optional)

Custom Color of extensions 

Bridal Updo on wedding day

 Complimentary Bridal Updo