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Meet Madison

260 Studio started with one passionate and dedicated woman, Madison, who wanted to open a space for other artists seeking to be on their own while still having a team. This boutique, booth rental salon began in 2020 with the heart and intention of helping others in small ways. 

For clients, Madison believes every client should get treated to the nines while receiving their dream hair. Communication is key to any relationship, and she makes sure all her clients have the ability to express what they love and don't love while in her chair. 


For booth renters, Madison wanted to give an opportunity to any artist finding his or her way in the hair industry. Madison loves being in control of her own life and schedule but also loves team work. Her idea was that artists' can come into 260 Studio, be exactly who they want to be, bounce ideas and goals off of each other, and be on with their way! 


At 260 Studio, we do not expect perfection, but we strive every day to better who we were the day before. 


See you soon!