Everything you need to know!

NBR is the number one hand-tied hair extension method on the market today. This method uses no harsh chemicals, no tape, and no glue. That allows a removal of 5 minutes without adding more stress to the hair with chemical removals or breaking apart glue.


ISLA is the hand-tied hairline custom-made by Danielle K. White. Pre-toned, pre-rooted, and less silicone creates an easier canvas for artists to custom color for clients and prevents on tone fading. 


ISLA is ONLY available to NBR Artists. 


Clients are colored based on their preferred outcome AND keeping the integrity of the hair. The ISLA extension hair is custom color for a seamless blend before being installed. This will reduce tension on the clients scalp. 

The foundation of NBR begins with the beadwork. Using special beads to ensure no slip or tug on the hair. The direction and placement of the beads allows for LESS hair to be used and the weight distribution to be equal. 

Using no glue, or tape also allows clients to live a NORMAL life! 

Placement and stitching of the hair is key for that perfect blend with full hair. Once hair is placed, stitching the hair onto the track will keep the hair feeling secure. (No need to worry about a piece of hair falling out!) 


Moving onto the CUT. Extensions should always look natural, which means they should MOVE like real hair. Once all of your new hair is in, it is cut for the ultimate blend. 

Topping off the appointment with an NBR Style!