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Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions

Specializing in lived-in colors and easy grow out for women that do not want to be committed to coming to the salon every 6-8 weeks. ALL coloring services are packaged pricing to ensure the best results for your desired end look. At 260 Studio Olaplex is used for EVERY service and is included in the packaged price. 

You can expect to sit spend 3-4 hours while Madison uses all techniques to give you the best result along with the healthiest results! 

For all NEW clients please fill out a 'NEW CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE'  and give you a little pre-visit inside 260 Studio and what to expect! 

Natural Beaded Rows is an extension method giving you the most natural looking hair extensions to date. Using hand-tied wefts and customizing them to your desired hair color will give us that seamless and natural blend. 

New Installs include:

-Customized Color on your hair 

-Customized Color on extension hair 

-NBR install 



-Before and After photos 

-260 Studio Care Package 

1 Row - $1100-$1500

1.5 Rows - $1250-$1650 

2 Rows - $1500-$2150 

2.5 Rows - $1800-$2450 

3 Rows - $2150-$2800

(prices vary depending on length)  

New installs can take anywhere from 4-6 hours ; coffee and lunch will be provided. 

Move Up Appointments:

After NBR is installed you can expect to visit the salon every 6-8 weeks for your NBR maintenance appointments. 

Maintenance Appointments Include:

-Removal + Re-Application of NBR 

-Customized color to your hair 

-Customized color to your Extension hair 

-Style + Photos 

All pricing is PACKAGED pricing, which includes everything listed above. 

1 Row -$ 355

1.5 Rows - $405

2 Rows - $455

2.5 Rows - $505

3 Rows - $555

Move up appointments varies depending on hair type, texture, and color but averages to 3-5 hours in the salon. 

For a customized price specific to YOUR hair goals start your journey below!

For returning guests wanting to book their appointment click 


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NBR Bride is a unique way to of experiencing Natural Beaded Row hair extensions on your wedding day. As a bride, we all want that long, thick hair but without a long term commitment. 

NBR Bride includes:

-8 Week wear of NBR 

-NBR installation at a lower rate

-Customized color of YOUR hair (optional) 

-Customized color of your EXTENSION hair. 

-Bridal trial (complimentary) 

-Bridal Updo

After the Wedding:

-A follow-up message will be sent out decided if you want to remove the extensions OR keep them in.

To find out more information about NBR Bride click


Wood Transparent

Why Natural Beaded Rows? 

NBR is the number one hand-tied hair extension method on the market today. This method uses no harsh chemicals, no tape, and no glue. That allows a removal of 5 minutes without adding more stress to the hair with chemical removals or breaking apart glue.


ISLA is the hand-tied hairline custom made by Danielle K. White. Pre-toned, pre-rooted, and less silicone creates an easier canvas for artists to custom color for clients and prevents on tone fading. 


ISLA is ONLY available to NBR Artists. 


Clients are colored based on their preferred outcome AND keeping the integrity of the hair. The ISLA extension hair is custom color for a seamless blend before being installed. This will reduce tension on the clients scalp. 

The foundation of NBR begins with the beadwork. Using special beads to ensure no slip or tug on the hair. The direction and placement of the beads allows for LESS hair to be used and the weight distribution to be equal. 

Using no glue, or tape also allows clients to live a NORMAL life! 

Placement and stitching of the hair is key for that perfect blend with full hair. Once hair is placed, stitching the hair onto the track will keep they hair feeling secure. (No need to worry about a piece of hair falling out!) 


Moving onto the CUT. Extensions should always look natural, which means they should MOVE like real hair. Once all of your new hair is in, it is cut for the ultimate blend. 

Topping off the appointment with an NBR Style! 

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260 Studio started with one passionate and dedicated woman, Madison, who wanted to open a space for other artists seeking to be on their own while still having a team. This small, boutique, booth rental salon began in 2020 with the heart and intention of helping others in small ways. 

For clients, Madison believes every client should get treated to the nines while receiving their dream hair. Communication is key to any relationship and she makes sure all her clients have the ability to express what they love and don't love while in her chair. 


For booth renters, Madison wanted to give an opportunity to any artist finding his or her way in the hair industry. Madison loves being in control of her own life and schedule but also loves team work. Her idea was that artists' can come into 260 Studio, be exactly who they want to be, bounce ideas and goals off of each other, and be on with their way! 


At 260 Studio, we do not expect perfection but we strive everyday to better who we were the day before. 


See you soon!  



1111 N Broadway, STE 404, Denver, Colorado, 80203



Tel: 260-223-7293



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Monday: 9am - 9pm 

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Saturday: 9am - 7pm 

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